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Substance Painter 3D Texture繪製入門


Substance Painter 3D Texture繪製入門


本課程【Substance Painter - 3D Texture繪製入門】為「遙距課堂」。

老師現正身處加拿大工作。學員將透過視頻影片 (約六小時) 及 一課 LIVE Review課堂(共一小時) 學習有關Substance Painter 3D Texture繪製入門。

- 課堂以廣東話授課 , 配以英語技術名詞
- 學員需要對 CG - Lighting及Texturing製作有基本認識或了解 , 建議預先報讀:【簡介 PBR (Physically-based Rendering) 免費課堂】 

- 程強烈建議同時報讀 【Substance Designer 製作入門 (收費課堂)】

 >> 課程優惠 : 現報讀本課程可免費修讀【Substance Designer 製作入門】(原價$890)

- 課程同時會涉及其他常用的CG製作軟件如 : 
Zbrush / Maya / Marmoset Toolbag / Substance Designer 等等。

【Substance Painter 3D Texture繪製入門】內容

1. Analyze reference (分析參考圖片)
2. UV with Headus UV layout
3. Set up file structure
4. Bake and prepare supportive textures
5. Naming convention in production
6. Layering structure in substance painter
7. Produce materials and masks
8. Utilize material ID
9. Create smart material and trouble shoot some minor bugs.
有關 【Allegorithmic Substance Painter】
Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture, render and share your work.  A lot of AAA game studios are using Substance Painter including Naughty Dog 《Uncharted》《 The Last of Us》; Ready At Dawn 《The Order: 1886》, Ubisoft 《RainbowSix: |Seige》《Watch Dogs》, Activition 《Call of Duty 》series, Blizzard 《Overwatch》, 《Heroes of the Storm》。
>下載30日試用【Substance Painter】-  Allegorithmic 官方網站

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