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Chiseled Leather Lamps


Chiseled Leather Lamps

A triad of lights produced as a true collaboration between the designer and the master artisan Ismael Barrón following an industrial design methodology applied to artisanal production. They honor the craft of saddles and belts and generate a new language and applications for his expertise.

Using basic tools such as chisels and hammers as well as hand sewing, Ismael Barrón expressed himself freely on hand drawn patterns and figures familiar to the craft, applying it to the lamps’ bodies reacting to their shape and form. 

The lamps are completely upholstered in leather with patterns and drawings embossed. Parchment was used on the top of the lamps to allow light to pass and create a warm environment. The three sizes have a strap eluding the belts commonly produced at the workshop, which facilitate their moving. Their appearance is the result of a combination of craftsmanship and design, representing the relevance of traditions in contemporary objects. 


Client: Museo de Arte Popular
Photography: Oni Oni Studio
Year: 2013


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